Saturday, April 5, 2014

Rooster Naming Contest Winners

We are pleased to announce that there are two winners for our rooster naming contest:

The winners are Sally and Joanie with the name "Chantecler"!

We chose the name due to the meaning behind it, and how it has been used in history. It's based off the French words "chante cler" meaning "sing clear", and has also been used in old European literature as a proper noun to refer to a rooster in stories.

Thank you all for your wonderful submissions. We had a great time going through them and making our choice. Check back soon for a picture of our winners with the newly-named rooster, Chantecler!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Farm to Table Events

A farm to table meal at Stone Coop Farm transforms the bounty of the farm into a beautiful, thoughtfully prepared meal. The menu is decided by what is fresh and gorgeous in the field and will include meat from local farms. A tentative menu will be published one week before the meal. Coffee, tea, and water are always provided. Meals are served in a historic barn on the property and are limited to 35 guests. A farm to table meal is more than just a dinner out, it's really an experience of connecting to the land and the people who grow our food. We hope you join us!

Farm to Table Mother's Day Brunch 

May 11th, 1 pm, $40 per person plus gratuity

Harvest Dinner 
June 28th, 6 pm, $55 per person plus gratuity

To sign up for one or both of the meals, you may contact us via phone (810) 599 2616 or email, or use the PayPal link below.

Farm to Table Meals

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rooster naming contest!

When we received our batch of hens last year, we got a surprise rooster. His breed is a black Australorp. He's a calm, easy-going rooster, polite to the hens and us farmers. He and our other rooster, Muttons, get along well (most of the time), hence why we have kept him to watch over the flock. However, this guy needs a name. So, we're opening a contest to name this handsome fellow. 

Comment on this post or send us an email with your name entry. Make sure your name is present in your comment or email and that the email subject line refers to the contest. One entry per person. The contest closes at 12am on April 1st. At that point, Joannee and I will judge the entries and decide on a winner by April 2nd. The winner will receive a dozen eggs and a bag of greens, as well as an opportunity to have a picture taken with the rooster that will then be posted on Facebook and our website.

So, let's hear some fun, creative names!